Accessory Apartments 101


The purpose of the Accessory Apartment Ordinance is twofold:

  • To allow homeowners to rent part of their homes to others safely and legally.
  • To keep illegal duplexes from covering the City and lowering the property values of everyone who lives in the City.

For an application:  Accessory Apartment Application

How It Works

  1. You fix up a part of your home to rent to someone (it helps to call the City first).
  2. You call the City at 801-756-6347 to register your apartment.
  3. The City sends out a building inspector to make sure it is safe.
  4. You pay $50 and you are off and running.
  5. You pay your fee each year and continue to rent your space out.

How It Does Not Work

  • You can't rent out both the top and bottom of your home and then go live in American Fork. You have to live in your home to rent part of it out.
  • You can't just rent out part of your home out without registering with the City.
  • If you rent it and don't register it then you could be fined.