Utility Billing

Alpine City offers culinary water, pressurized irrigation, sewer, garbage, and storm drain services. All new customers are required to fill out an application for a utility account and a pressurized irrigation agreement and pay the $100 deposit and $25 transfer fee.

Please call 801-756-6347 ext. 1 to request new water service and to receive forms.

Call Alpine City at 801-756-6347 for:

  • New service
  • New or additional trash/recycling cans
  • Discontinue service
  • Change in address or billing status

Call Ace Disposal at 800-724-9995 for:

Call Rocky Mountain Power at 888-221-7070 for:

  • New/disconnect power service
  • Outages or power issues

Call Dominion Energy at 800-323-5517 for:

  • New/disconnect gas service
  • Other gas issues